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People in general no longer like to admit Advertising influences them. Anyone who works in Advertising ranks pretty low on the trust meter. Yet when any of us has something to sell - a house, a car, a cat - we still use advertising.

A lot of advertising is just plain annoying? Is this why Advertising is failing? Being annoying is easy. Being successful and an acceptable intrusion into a wider audience is entirely different. FDC believes that there are other routes that don't alienate all but a narrow hard-core target audience. We don't underestimate the audience. We don't underestimate what's changed - the web, the decline in print advertising and Sky+.


Getting a Long Term Return On Investment

Using ads to drive sales for one particular weekend is sometimes necessary. But if that's all that's done, then it's going to have to be done next weekend, and every weekend.

To create ads that draw the eye rather than blind it; to craft words that tell a story which informs, in a tone of voice that doesn't need to shout. To form, but not to define an individual's own conclusion. This is our goal. This enhances recall and gives a sense of discovery. This is remembered. This is relevant. This is powerful.


The Measure of Success

It's always been difficult to measure which ads, in which media, deliver the best return on investment. That is perhaps why it's still more of an art than a science. As was once said "I know 50% of my spend works, I just don't know which 50%." Maybe advertising can't be measured any better. Or can it?

Customer recommendations have always been the most successful advertisement. Our audience's viewpoint has always been the best way to find out what's wrong. By following social media sites, YouTube, Twitter and on-line retail sites that publish customer reviews, it's now possible to have unparalleled access to that information. It's another valuable measure. Allowing analysis and modification to keep a marketing communication strategy on target. If you want a one-to-one relationship with the creative, we could be the one to help you succeed.






Advertising Agency Portfolio



Linn Audio

Business to Consumer

A campaign developed to reach a new market for Linn, one of the finest audio brands.

Targeting the over 50's who turned on, tuned in, but didn't drop out. Reminding them of the power of music in their lives. And defining Linn Audio as the ultimate way to recapture the pleasure of music listening.

Media: 48 sheet posters/bus backs/half-page press ads.





Residential Developers

Business to Consumer

A selection of press ads and direct mail shots for Barratt, Ward Homes and CALA.

See more Developers work in the Web, Integrated, Brand and Graphics sections.





Business to Consumer

Full-page lifestyle magazine ads for domestic kitchen equipment designed to appeal to those who love food.

You can see more Falcon work in the Integrated, and Graphics sections.




Carron Phoenix

Business to Consumer and Business to Business

Point-of-Sale unit to display the range of granite sink designs. Lifestyle magazine ads for the sinks and taps.

You can see more CP work in the Web and Integrated sections.




Bank of Scotland – Retail Banking

Business to Consumer

Direct mail for a Student Credit Card. DM for a Cheque Account. Beer mat campaign for Student Loans.




Travel Advertising

Business to Consumer

Magazine ad for the Isle of Skye. Press Ads for a ferry company and a 48-sheet poster.

The Skye brand is also in the  Brand/Corp id and Graphics sections.




Retail Advertising

Business to Consumer

Two full-page ads for Texstyle World, the first offer led, the second gender/age group focused.




Drinks Advertising

Business to Consumer

Two full page ad concepts for a pre-Christmas campaign.