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Graphic Design

Transforming Information into Knowledge


To FDC, graphic design is a logical process as well as a creative one. Defining the relevant information is as important as how it's displayed.

FDC starts this process no differently from how it would approach any other brief, researching and analysing the raw data.

Once we've mined the information, we start to design the access to it. Using visual cues, which start by informing the viewer that here is something of interest, and then directing them through a designed path, hopefully to enlightenment and knowledge.

Symbols, colours, space, shapes, headlines, pictures, captions, sub-headings and text. These are all guides to help scan a piece of communication, so that its interest and importance can be defined. We call it a visual hierarchy, it's a sub-conscious act on the part of the viewer, but a conscious act on our part. We use it in everything we do. 






Graphic Design Portfolio






The Financial Times


Die-cut internal corporate communication for The Financial Times Senior Managers 2012 Strategy Meeting.










Bensfield Fruit Farm Strawberry Jam Label

Business to Consumer

Label design for a locally produced product, emphasising the source, freshness, quality and ingredients with a lightness of touch.



Image of Written English Ebook Cover




Written English

Business to Consumer

Ebook front cover.

You can see more Written English work in the Web section.




Glen Deveron

Business to Consumer

Label and tube packaging (shown flat), for a 15 year old single malt whisky, distilled in the North East of Scotland.

















Residential Developers

A selection of development brochures and site identities.

You can see more Residential work in the Web, Integrated, and Brand sections.





Falcon Professional Range Cookers

An AGA company. Front cover of a brochure designed to appeal to people who are passionate about

the art of cooking.

See more Falcon work in the Integrated, and Advertising sections.





Architectural Competition Brochure

Detailing the presentations for a streetscape scene change in the City of Glasgow.





Isle of Skye Branding Applications

Front cover of the invitation to the Skye Brand launch and tags applied to products made on Skye.

The Skye brand is also in the Brand/Corp id section.





Truth Brochure

Network management solutions company, using technical jargon clarification to aid in explaining their product.

More Truth work can be seen in the Web and Brand/Corp id sections.





HP Technology design work

Business telecoms and IT solutions company.

More HPT work can be seen in the the Integrated, and Web section.





Northern Telecom

Art direction transforms a desk phone into the sleek lines of a Ferrari.





International Council of Shopping Centers Poster

Held in Hong Kong in the Chinese Year of the Horse. They had to be constantly replaced at the conference as people kept taking them.




Catalyst Capital Markets Consultancy

A PDF designed to be transmitted to Smart Phones, with details for a conference on Empowering Women in the Capital Markets.


Graphic rule image



Crafty Cabinets

Brochure, Truck and Wine Label designs for Home Remodelling company based in Florida, U.S.A.

More Crafty Cabinets work can be seen in the the Integrated, Brand/Corp id and Web section.


Graphic rule image



Inner Mineral

Catalogue designs for on-line ecommerce Natural Health company, based in Canada.

More Inner Mineral work can be seen in the the Integrated, Brand/Corp id and Web section.