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Integrated Design

Leaving a Trail for Your Customers to Follow


FDC believes in treating your communication messages the same as you treat your brand logo.

You wouldn't consider different logos for the same brand. Likewise a consistent visual style and tone of voice, across different communication channels, guides your customer in following the message. To reach a point where they feel comfortable making a purchase decision.

In an age where specialists abound, it's easy for the message to be lost in translation - from your lead agency - to the direct marketing specialist - to the web agency - to the design agency.


Staying Completely Focused on Finding the Solution

Simple, except for the fact that each different agency wants to show you how much better they are than the other ones. FDC will do the job you've briefed us on, we won't re-design your logo if you've given us a web design job, or suggest you change your advertising if you've given us a corporate communication job.

We'll look at all the other communications, and we'll fit our solutions around them. We'll make sure our work imparts your message seamlessly, from one medium to the next. Or we'll look at everything, but only if you ask us to fulfil you integrated marketing communication strategy.





Integrated Marketing Communication Examples



Barratt Homes London

Business to Consumer

Barratt, under the new Chief Executive Mark Claire, went through a complete identity overhaul. The above sequence of images shows the styling of the new brand look and feel to Parkside, a high-rise development in Wandsworth.

You can see more Barratt work in the Advertising and Graphics sections.





Falcon Professional

Business to Consumer

Originally a trade catering equipment company, owned by AGA. It launched it's own brand of domestic kitchen equipment. The proposition was developed to appeal to people who loved cooking. We could have named it after the famous American cookery book, the Joy Of Cooking.

You can see more Falcon work in the Advertising and Graphics sections.





Carron Phoenix

Business to Consumer and Business to Business

Tasked to build a brand that would appeal to consumers as well as trade sales, a change to the branding was implemented, from a logo update to factory signage. To turn a humble sink or tap into a thing of beauty, inspired by Barbara Hepworth's sculptures.

You can see more Carron Phoenix work in the Advertising and Web sections.





Millwood Designer Homes

Business to Consumer

The work shown is for both Millwood Designer Homes and their Private Clients Design & Build division. This was a project we undertook to show a Sales Director what could be done for a residential homes developer, with a wonderful product. The visual cue is based on the blue property cards (Park Lane & Mayfair), in Monopoly.

You can see more Millwood work in the Web and Graphics section.





HP Technology

Business to Business

A business telecom and IT solutions company for whom FDC handles all the visual communications requirements, from digital to print.

You can see more HPT work in the Web and Graphics section.


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Westerhill Homes

Business to Consumer

A new brand for a Residential Developer in Kent, applied from digital through to print.

You can see more Westerhill Homes work in the Web and Brand/Corp id sections.



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Crafty Cabinets

Business to Consumer

A new brand for a Bathroom and Kitchen remodelling company in Florida, U.S.A., applied from digital through to print.

You can see more Crafty Cabinets work in the Web and Brand/Corp id sectionsn.


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Inner Mineral

Business to Consumer

A new brand for a natural health on-line store company in Canada, applied from digital through to print.

You can see more Inner Mineral work in the Web section.


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